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The STORY Project web site is now online.

Welcome to the STORY project web site

STORY is a joint research effort between University of Maryland at College Park and University of Naples "Federico II" in Italy.

There are thousands of applications where we wish to derive a story about a particular event or a person or phenomenon. For example, consider an application where a person is walking through an archaeological site such as Pompeii. Though a casual tourist may be satisfied with the simple title which usually marks exhibits, a person with a deeper interest may be unsatisfied. In the same vein, consider a US military soldier stationed at a checkpoint in Baghdad - he or she may want to know a person's "story" in order to make critical security decisions. As the diversity of the two previous applications shows, what goes into a story depends not only on the basic facts, but also on the specific items of interest to the listener. We formally define a story to be a set of facts about a given subject that satisfies a "story length" constraint. An optimal story is a story that maximizes the value of an objective function measuring the goodness of a story.

Aims of the project

Filter huge amounts of data to deliver short, succinct, personalized stories to diverse users using diverse devices.


Extract stories about:

  • People & Places
  • Events

From multiple heterogeneous data sources:

  • Text documents
  • Web sources
  • Relational databases
  • Object databases
  • Flat files
  • Proprietary formats

Automatically customize stories to fit user needs

Deliver stories across multiple access devices:

  • Wireless PDA
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Key Applications

Key applications

  • Stories about Greek Mythology characters (with Pompeii)
  • Stories about Pakistani nuclear scientists (with US army)
  • Stories about tribes on Pakistan/Afghan border (with US army)
project team     publications     presentations     videos